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What is fostering?

Fostering is giving a child a stable and caring home when their parents are unable to look after them for some reason. Portsmouth foster carers provide a safe place and the support that these children and young people need to thrive, whatever situation they have come from. A weekly allowance is paid to the foster carers to cover the costs of looking after the child.

Foster child and carer walking a dog

What do you do as a foster carer?

The practicalities of fostering are the same as all families deal with on a daily basis – making sure everyone is fed, clothed, at school on time with homework completed, making sure dental check-ups and doctors’ appointments are made, supporting with school and after school activities, supporting children with their interests, hobbies, clubs and making friends, spending leisure time together, listening and offering comfort when its needed, providing support, encouragement, reassurance, guidance and clear boundaries.

However as a foster carer you will also:

  • Work as part of a professional team
  • Keep records and write reports about the children in your care
  • Attend meetings and advocate for the child in your care
  • Promote contact with birth families for the child
  • Attend training to help develop your skills as a foster carer
  • Attend support groups to meet with other foster carers
  • Help children manage their behaviour and feelings
  • Help children develop their confidence and self esteem

Different types of foster care

There are different types of fostering options for you to choose from depending on your own preferences, experience and circumstances. As a foster carer you can decide the type of fostering you’d like to do, so it’s always best to know your options.

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