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Head shot of foster carers Tony & Patsy smiling at the camera side by side in the sunshine

Tony’s story: “I wanted to replicate the experience I had”

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Siblings walking over a moor together

Keeping siblings together

Many of us have childhood memories of special occasions spent with siblings. The team at Foster Portsmouth believes that siblings should be kept together where possible, so they can still have those experiences whilst in foster care. However, we need more foster carers with room in their home and their hearts to make it possible. … Continued

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Unaccompanied minors Foster Carer Rachel Elkington

“Rachel has made me feel safe and loved…”

A new challenge…   After fostering with Foster Portsmouth for nearly 20 years, Rachel Elkington (47) decided she fancied a new challenge just over a year ago and started to foster three young unaccompanied minors who initially came to live with Rachel on an emergency basis when they arrived in Portsmouth seeking safety in the … Continued

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Fostering teens: “I’ve never looked back”

Over two thirds of children in our care are aged ten and over. This presents a pressing need to find additional foster carers for older children and teens who find themselves in need in our city.   Fostering teenagers is a unique opportunity to inspire the next generation. It is never too late to make … Continued

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Tilly smiling with face paint at outdoor event

Celebrating the vital role of children who foster

A birth child of foster carers plays a pivotal part in changing the lives of vulnerable children and young people, something Foster Portsmouth is proud to recognise and celebrate again during Young Carer’s Action Day on 15 March.   11-year-old Tilly from Southsea, whose parents have provided long-term fostering for over two years, shared: “I … Continued

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Fact check: could my religious or cultural background stop me becoming a foster carer?

Fact check: could my religious or cultural background stop me becoming a foster carer?   Absolutely not. Our main priority is to find foster carers who, regardless of religious or cultural background, can provide a safe, stable, and loving home to a vulnerable child in need of care.   Portsmouth is an incredibly diverse city, … Continued

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two people sitting opposite each other interview style with one holding a clipboard

What to expect during a foster carer assessment process

  What can you expect during a foster carer assessment?   Whether you’re preparing to undertake a foster carer assessment or thinking about becoming a foster carer and researching to get yourself prepared, we understand you might feel nervous or apprehensive about this step.   If you apply to become a foster carer with Foster … Continued

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World Social Work Day: Celebrating our Social Workers

    Foster Portsmouth and Portsmouth City Council are celebrating our own dedicated social workers this World Social Work Day 2022 on 15 March.   The event celebrates the social work profession and its contribution across the world. This year focuses on the theme: ´Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind´. The theme … Continued

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First anniversary of pioneering fostering programme

As the south coast pioneers of the Mockingbird Programme, Foster Portsmouth are proud to be celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of their first ‘constellation’ this January.   42 children and young people in foster care in Portsmouth and the surrounding area benefit from the Mockingbird Programme, an award-winning and sustainable foster care model … Continued

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Image of Foster Portsmouth Brochure

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Portsmouth children, from babies to teenagers, are fostered for a variety of reasons. In most cases fostering is a temporary solution for a child, while their family is supported to enable them to return home. A number of children who cannot return home are fostered for a longer period of time and a small number … Continued


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