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Portsmouth children, from babies to teenagers, are fostered for a variety of reasons. In most cases fostering is a temporary solution for a child, while their family is supported to enable them to return home. A number of children who cannot return home are fostered for a longer period of time and a small number of children are placed for adoption with other families.

Whatever the reason children are fostered, difficult experiences mean that children are frightened, confused and anxious about living with another family. Therefore an important part of being a foster carer is being able to make a child feel welcome and safe in your home. Being sensitive to the reasons why a child is living in foster care and how this might affect the child’s emotions and behaviour is also important.

The national fostering charity, Fostering Network, estimate that there is a shortage of 10,000 foster carers across the UK to support children who need to live with a foster family.

In Portsmouth we urgently need your help to support vulnerable children and young people and give them the experience of a happy family life.

Our handy e-guide covers all your core questions on fostering in greater detail, so download today and begin your journey.

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