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Respite Carers

Respite carers provide breaks for children who usually live in full time foster care or children who do not need full time foster care. This could be a regular weekday, weekend or overnight commitment to one or more children, or a one-off arrangement. Respite care involves caring for children and young people to give their … Continued

Family Link

Our Family Link carers provide regular short breaks for children with complex needs, such as a disability or medical condition. This gives the child’s parents a chance to have a regular break, whilst giving the child opportunities to meet new people and do different things. You will need to have a genuine interest in providing … Continued

Parent and Child Placements

A parent and child placement is a specialist foster placement involving a foster carer providing care to babies and young children alongside one or both parents. These arrangements are usually short term offering support and advice so that parents can care for their own child, they could also include parenting assessments and court proceedings. These … Continued

Supportive Lodgings – Lodgings Plus

Foster Portsmouth’s supportive lodgings scheme pays people to provide accommodation and a minimum of 10 hours a week support for a young person aged 18 and over taking their first steps into independence. Many of these young people will have previously been placed in foster homes or in residential children’s homes, or they may be … Continued

Placements for Children and Young People Seeking Asylum

In Portsmouth we have children and young people seeking sanctuary and asylum in the UK. These children have travelled a long way, have been separated from their family and often speak little or no English. They need and deserve our support and a safe, nurturing home. Caring for these children is highly rewarding; supporting their … Continued

Permanent / Long Term Foster Care

Long term foster placements give children an opportunity to live in a stable foster placement with a committed carer until they reach adulthood. Long term fostering gives children a sense of consistency and belonging, helping them to developing positive new relationships and build links within their local community. Long term foster carers offer the permanent … Continued

Short Term Foster Care

Short term fostering placements are for children and young people who require temporary care. Often this is because their families are unable to look after them during a particular time. This could be because their parents are unwell or unable to cope at that time. Alternatively the family may be going through care proceedings – … Continued

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