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Our Foster Carers

Our foster carers come from all walks of life and regardless of their age, ethnicity or sexuality, they all share the same commitment and motivation to make a positive difference to a child’s life.   

Several of our excellent foster parents share their experiences fostering with Foster Portsmouth below.

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Make a difference to their lives… and yours

We are so excited to share our brand new promotional video, which features six of our wonderful foster carers discussing their fostering journey. If you’re already interested in fostering or are new to fostering, this video should answer a lot of your questions.

Thank you so much to all of the carers who took part in the video, as well as Millstream Productions for creating an amazing video that showcases Foster Portsmouth and what we stand for.

Jo’s story 

Meet Jo, a foster carer with us for three years who specialises in therapeutic care.

Jo transferred to us from another fostering service after finding out about the high levels of support offered at Foster Portsmouth, and hasn’t looked back since.

In the video, she discusses her experiences with Foster Portsmouth.

Rachel and James’s story

Let’s meet Rachel and James. They’ve been fostering with Foster Portsmouth for three years and are now Mockingbird hub home carers for constellation #5.

One of Rachel and James’ friends was a foster carer for a young lady, and Rachel and James developed a positive relationship with her, which made them think about becoming foster carers themselves.

They were initially approved as respite carers, and took a young person on an emergency basis for the weekend, he’s been with Rachel and James ever since and is doing really well with them.

In the video, you can learn more about their experiences.

Zhoura’s story 

Meet Zhoura, who has been a foster carer with Foster Portsmouth for over 15 years. She also works in one of the city’s residential children’s homes, so she has a lot of experience with young people who have been in care.

Years ago, she ran a grassroots football team and formed friendships with some of the young people on the team, some of whom had difficulties in their life. She discovered she could assist these young people with similar problems and decided to become a foster carer using the skills she had learnt from her work and hobby.

One of the young people she fostered now runs his own business, has his own tenancy, and still keeps in regular contact with Zhoura and her family.

In the video, she discusses her experiences in greater detail.

Patsy and Tony’s story 

Meet Patsy and Tony, who have fostered with us for nearly five years and began fostering at the age of 22. Tony had been fostered himself and wanted to replicate his foster care experience for the young people in his and Patsy’s care.

Watch the video to learn more about their experiences.

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