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Siblings walking over a moor together

Keeping siblings together

Many of us have childhood memories of special occasions spent with siblings. The team at Foster Portsmouth believes that siblings should be kept together where possible, so they can still have those experiences whilst in foster care. However, we need more foster carers with room in their home and their hearts to make it possible. … Continued

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Foster carers Rachel & James

“Fostering has drawn us closer together…”

  We recently asked two more of our dedicated foster carers to share their experiences with us.   Rachel (39), a Pastoral Lead in Education Provision, and James (40), owner of a construction company, have been fostering with Portsmouth City Council for the past two and half years. Their young person arrived aged 15 and … Continued

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John Lewis Christmas advert shines a festive light on the dedication of foster carers

The launch of John Lewis’s Christmas advert for 2022 successfully highlights the excellent work and caring nature of the nation’s foster carers.   The advert, entitled ‘The Beginner‘, is a truly distinctive Christmas message about caring for others, and emphasizes the amazing work foster carers do every day to ensure children and young people in … Continued

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Unaccompanied minors Foster Carer Rachel Elkington

“Rachel has made me feel safe and loved…”

A new challenge…   After fostering with Foster Portsmouth for nearly 20 years, Rachel Elkington (47) decided she fancied a new challenge just over a year ago and started to foster three young unaccompanied minors who initially came to live with Rachel on an emergency basis when they arrived in Portsmouth seeking safety in the … Continued

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Fostering teens: “I’ve never looked back”

Over two thirds of children in our care are aged ten and over. This presents a pressing need to find additional foster carers for older children and teens who find themselves in need in our city.   Fostering teenagers is a unique opportunity to inspire the next generation. It is never too late to make … Continued

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Tilly smiling with face paint at outdoor event

Celebrating the vital role of children who foster

A birth child of foster carers plays a pivotal part in changing the lives of vulnerable children and young people, something Foster Portsmouth is proud to recognise and celebrate again during Young Carer’s Action Day on 15 March.   11-year-old Tilly from Southsea, whose parents have provided long-term fostering for over two years, shared: “I … Continued

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Guide & empower vulnerable parents

A parent and child placement with Foster Portsmouth involves both a child and their birth parent (or parents) living with you in your home, usually on a short term basis. Some parents need a little additional support, advice and some supervision while they develop their parenting skills including feeding, routines and interaction with the child. … Continued

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Two children sitting on a bed amongst flying pillow feathers

Black History Month: Connecting to their history and heritage

To reflect the looked after children and young people in our city, we need additional foster carers from diverse backgrounds with the skills and experience to help children develop a positive sense of their own identity and pride. This includes additional carers from the black, Asian and ethnic minority community.   Foster Portsmouth provide training … Continued

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Foster carers join council staff for the Great South Run

Foster Portsmouth once again secured places in last weekend’s Great South Run for a team of their foster carers. This year, they were also joined by a team of council staff and a number of supporters.   The south coast’s biggest and best running event took place on Sunday 16 October 2022 and took in all the … Continued

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Foster carer chatting with young people over a cup of tea

A stepping stone to independence…

Supported Lodgings is an arrangement whereby a young person aged 21-24 – in need of emotional support, encouragement and a safe, secure place to live – shares your home.   This could be a someone who is finding living alone challenging or a little overwhelming, is unable to remain with family, is in need of … Continued

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