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Could you give Alex the ‘huggles’ he craves?

Foster Portsmouth is looking for a long-term loving foster home for five-year-old Alex*. Although Alex is an adorable, energetic young boy and has an amazing personality, Portsmouth City Council has not been able to find the right match of long-term foster carer for him yet.   Alex has experienced a lot of changes in his … Continued

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“Fostering gave me another shot at life…”

The children in foster care who are in need of a loving, stable home environment are diverse, including the age at which they come to us.   Although Foster Portsmouth approve foster carers for children from birth to 18, many first apply with a set idea of the age of children they wish to care … Continued

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Rewards of caring for children with additional needs

Some children or young people in the Portsmouth area have disabilities or complex health conditions that result in their parent not being able to meet their needs and them requiring foster care.   Foster Portsmouth is always in need of carers that can offer the relevant experience to help care for these children and support … Continued

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Fact check: could my religious or cultural background stop me becoming a foster carer?

Fact check: could my religious or cultural background stop me becoming a foster carer? Absolutely not. Our main priority is to find foster carers who, regardless of religious or cultural background, can provide a safe, stable, and loving home to a vulnerable child in need of care.   Portsmouth is an incredibly diverse city, with … Continued

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Fact check: can I foster as a single person?

There are many myths around foster care, one of them being that a foster family needs to be the traditional family unit and have both a mother and father at home. This isn’t the case with Foster Portsmouth, in fact, single foster parents are highly sought after.   If you’re single and thinking about fostering, … Continued

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Help us support unaccompanied minors this Refugee Week

Launched in 1998, Refugee Week (June 20-26) raises awareness of the reasons why people seek refuge and provides an opportunity to celebrate community, mutual care and the human ability to start again. In recognition of this and refugees’ resilience, this year’s theme is one of ‘healing’.   Many people seek sanctuary in Portsmouth due to … Continued

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Guide & empower vulnerable parents

A parent and child placement with Foster Portsmouth involves both a child and their birth parent (or parents) living with you in your home, usually on a short term basis. Some parents need a little additional support, advice and some supervision while they develop their parenting skills including feeding, routines and interaction with the child. … Continued

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Help children with additional needs thrive

Around seven out of 10 looked after children have special educational needs (SEN) compared with almost two in 10 of all children.   We need more foster carers for complex needs in the Portsmouth area so that children and young people with additional needs can be appropriately matched, they can thrive in a caring environment, … Continued

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Recognising vital work of foster carers this Carers Week

Join us this Carers Week 6-12 June 2022 to recognise and raise awareness of the vital work of our foster carers and the need to recruit more in the area.   Our foster carers are dedicated and inspiring individuals and couples who believe in making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young … Continued

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What to expect during a foster carer assessment process

  What can you expect during a foster carer assessment?   Whether you’re preparing to undertake a foster carer assessment or thinking about becoming a foster carer and researching to get yourself prepared, we understand you might feel nervous or apprehensive about this step.   If you apply to become a foster carer with Foster … Continued

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