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Pioneering Mockingbird Family Model constellation events


Mockingbird Family Model of Foster Care

Our first ever Mockingbird Family Model ‘constellation’ have been enjoying their initial face-to-face events since the easing of restrictions, enabling the fostered children and young people in these families to meet, play and interact whilst their foster carers take some time to relax, share experiences and offer mutual support.


“The boys loved every minute of it today. They were buzzing in the car.
We all think Mockingbird is a great idea.”
Foster Carer 


The model – for which Foster Portsmouth is the south coast pioneer – is based on the concept of an extended family working together with a central ‘hub’ home carer and up to ten foster families as the ‘satellites’ who all meet as a ‘constellation’, including for events and social activities. Birth families can also join ‘constellation’ events, facilitating invaluable contact with their children.


“I’m very grateful to Mockingbird for giving us this lovely space where my children
and I can have far better quality time together!”
Birth Family Member 


Introduced in collaboration with The Fostering Network, we launched The Mockingbird Family Model in the Portsmouth area in January 2021. It has been shown to empower families and foster carers to support each other and overcome problems, and to benefit the lives of children and young people by providing placement stability and building positive links with other families.

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