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The vital role of the children of foster carers


We’re recognising and celebrating the vital role the children of foster carers play in changing the lives of vulnerable children throughout this October’s Sons and Daughters Month.


Fostering naturally impacts their lives and can be challenging at times. They have to share their belongings and parents’ time, and cope with occasional challenging behaviour.


However, birth children also benefit from growing up in a fostering household and regularly report back about how fostering enriches their lives by gaining social skills, learning about different upbringings and cultures, changing lives for the better, and often building lifelong friendships.


19-year-old Sophie, whose parents have fostered with Portsmouth City Council for four years, recently shared, “Fostering really does make a difference. You see this difference so quickly when the children realise they are safe and in a happy environment.”


Sophie continued, “I’ve benefited from being part of a bigger family and have created friendships with my foster siblings. They’ve benefited from my acting as a role model regarding school and behaviour, and our days out during the summer holidays are a great experience.”


Sons and Daughters Month is about raising awareness of the important role birth children play whilst showing our appreciation of their commitment to fostering and helping transform other children’s lives.

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