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Supported Lodgings

Supporting young people aged 16 to 24 onto independent living.

Could you be the inspiration and role model young people need?

"It's about teaching young people independent living skills and how to fend for themselves"... (Mo - Supportive Lodgings carer)

Do you have?

  • A spare room in or around the Portsmouth area
  • Do you have time to offer 10 hours plus support a week
  • Do you have high aspirations for young people
  • Would you like to help a young person onto a successful future
What is Supported Lodgings?

The Supported Lodgings scheme sees you become a supportive lodgings carer, which is similar to fostering but with an important difference. You will be providing a safe home to a young person aged 16 - 24 years as they prepare to leave the care of the local authority and move onto independent living.

Who can become a Supported Lodgings Carer?

We are looking for a wide range of individuals, couples or families over 18 with a spare room in or around the Portsmouth area. There is no 'typical' carer and you can be a supported lodgings carer regardless of your marital status, gender, sexuality or whether you rent or own your own home.

Carers come from a diverse range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds which reflect the young people in our care. As a supported lodgings carer you can also work full time as the young people you will be caring for are older and more independent.

What is important is that you have a genuine interest in helping young people and feel you have something to offer.  

What do Supported Lodgings carers do?

- Provide a room to a young person
- Provide daily breakfast and an evening meal to a young person
- Give support and encouragement to help a young person learn the skills needed for independent living such as cooking, using a washing machine, budgeting, studying, filling application forms
- Help a young person seek and take part in education, training or employment
- Encourage a young person to develop friendships, leisure activities and contact with family
- Help a young person to make their own decisions
- Work with a group of professionals to support the young person

What is the assessment to become a Supported Lodgings carer?

The assessment process is similar to becoming a foster carer but is shorter and less in-depth. Your supported lodgings assessing worker will visit you and your family at home a number of times over a few months to speak to you and collect information about you, your life and your home.

The assessment will focus on what you can offer a young person and your ability to undertake the tasks of a supported lodgings carer. During your assessment checks and references will be taken up to ensure you and your accommodation can provide a safe home to a young person.

These checks include a Disclosure and barring service (formally CRB) checks on you and anyone in the house over the age of 18, Local authority checks, a medical report from your GP, written references from two personal referees, and a safety check on your home including any pets. Your assessment will be presented to the Fostering Panel who will make a recommendation regarding your approval.

Taking into account the fostering panel's recommendation Portsmouth's Agency Decision Maker will make the final decision about your approval as a supportive lodgings carer.

Finance and Support

Supported Lodgings carers receive a competitive weekly allowance (up to £182.17 if supplying food for all meals) for providing accommodation and support costs. You will receive ongoing support from a supported lodgings support worker and outside of office hours 24/7 support is provided by the out of hours team.

Training is available to help and support you and Supported Lodgings carers can access the full range of training courses available to Portsmouth foster carers. Contact us for a chat is you feel providing supportive lodgings could suit you. We would love to hear from you.

T: 023 9283 4071